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Finally, I got my doll that I had been waiting for almost 7 months.

She’s a cute little vampire, black hair, different eyes color and has a little fang.

I haven’t given her name yet. I have no idea for now so I temperary call her Little Vampire.


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Movies day

This morning I felt a bit lazy, so I was thinking about should I go to school or the cinema, I checked movie time and found that there were so many movies that I want to see, so I decided not to go to school.(bad girl)

I want to Southside Shopping Centre as the same. There is a cinema calls Cineworld where I’m a member and have a unlimited movies card. First, I’d gone to post office first to sent all my gifts to my friends, then went straight to the box office for the tickets. A difficult things was, there were about 4-6 movies that I wanted to see, but the show times weren’t fix, so I had to decide and manage it.

I chose 4 movies, start from No Strings Attached, Gnomeo&Juliet, I Am Number Four and The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, and I had about 30 mins break between each one.

It was the first time that I watched 4 movies in one day.

So, today I’ve been spending 10 hours watching movies in the cinema.  Am I crazy???


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