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Super delay Christmas gift.

Last boxing day I shopped a lot, I spent over £1000 in that period for myself, my family and my friends. As a gift, I bought 2 bags for my mum and my sister, and all accessaries for my friends.
I sent the bags to my mum last month, but I haven’t sent anything to my friends yet, and it’s almost 2 months now. So I promise myself that everything will have sent to Thailand by the end of next week.


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Valentine’s day

Valentine’s day already past and it’s strange that I didn’t feel anything special for that day. It may because I’m single, I’m grown up or I work so hard and too tired to think of anything.

But I’m still missing someone who stay far away and was wondering that how he is. Actually I wanted to send e-mail to him on the date but I didn’t. I don’t know why.

I’m not regret but I’m still wanna say “Happy Valentine’s Day”

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Dry skin

One thing I don’t like in winter is the weather’s very dry and it’s really effect to my skin.
Normally I’m so lazy about take care of myself. So when I was in Thailand I didn’t use any body lotion. I used just for my face. ( cos everyone said I should) And in here too, I know I should use all sort of this thing but I’m still rarely using it.
And I thought it’s ok for me, until yesterday I was wearing tight, when I saw my legs I was so surprise. Cos they really dry. I’d never noticed it before cos I alway wear the black one. My legs was really really dry, I can see it clearly even I was wearing tight.
And now I’m regret not using a body cream. I should have used it everyday and I promise myself that I’ll never forget to use it anymore.

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Today I feel so tired, I was trained about process for cashier for almost 4 hours and there’re tons of information that I have to remember. Yesterday my manager told me, please learnt it as fast as possible. Just wanna say, it’s easy to say but it’s hard to do.

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Bad time….

I feel like many bad things happen to me since around the end of last year.

I had a terrible cold for a week, lost my card holder which had many important cards and took almost 2 weeks to made all new one.

I bought iPhone4 two days ago, but still can’t use it. And some more little things

All of this things make me feel very upset, fed up and don’t want to do anything.

GOD… Could you give some good news, please.

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Training to be cashier

Yesterday one of my manager told me that they gonna train me to work as a cashier.

I was really surprise, cos I’ve been working here just 4 months, I’m not even pass profession.

I told her, I didn’t sure I can do it, cos I thought my english is not good enough.

Cashier is a position that have to deal with customer all the time, espacialy on the phone. But she said, it was a good oppotunity to learn new things and if she had thought my english not good enough, she wouldn’t have asked me.

So, I told her that if she thought I colud do, I’d try.

I’ll try my best.

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I got my new phone already after had spent my time in apple store for 2 hours. The big thing is I have to set up my iPhone again, restore from the latest beck up and arrange all applications.
And I have another problem they I still can’t use my number, so I have to go back to store again.
OMG!!! 3 days in apple store!!!!!

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