My writing problem.

I’d promised myself that I’ll try to write diary everyday. It was very good at start but now it’s reduce to two or three times a week. And it’s not good.
I do know, I need to improve my writing if I want to study in master’s degree especially in academic essay. I know it’s hard for me who really hate writing, so I started from informal article and try to get used to it. But I still have the same problem “I don’t know what I am going to write”, even though there’re many things happen in one day.
I’m not sure what I should do ,but I’m still trying to write something cos I do need to practice it.


20 h. To 10 h.

I got my cash salary yesterday and I found I’ll earn less than before even I work the same. That’s really annoys me.
Because of visa rule, my previous visa allowed me to work up to 20h. but the new one I can work just only 10h. and this hour effect directly to me.
I mean, normally for my main salary that I could work 20h. They transfer to my bank account and for an extra hour (illegal) I get cash and the problem is for an extra hour they give less than the legal one. So now my new visa allow me to work 10h. even I work the same as before, I get less than I used to. I feel its not fair but nothing I can do or say. Poor me!


Since I was very sick last year, it’s make me realise, I should take care of my health. So I’ve been buying tons of oranges cos orange have lot of vitamin c and we know that vitamin c protect us from fever.
Clementines orange from Spain is so sweet and juicy, it’s my faverite one.

Museum of chlidhood

Today I went out to Museum of Childhood ,which located in east London, with my teacher and classmate.
The museum is not very big, you can take one or two hours foe walk around. But there are many interesting things, especially toys and games. There are many toys that I used to play when I was young. Some of them makes me miss my childhood.

Dry skin

One thing I don’t like in winter is the weather’s very dry and it’s really effect to my skin.
Normally I’m so lazy about take care of myself. So when I was in Thailand I didn’t use any body lotion. I used just for my face. ( cos everyone said I should) And in here too, I know I should use all sort of this thing but I’m still rarely using it.
And I thought it’s ok for me, until yesterday I was wearing tight, when I saw my legs I was so surprise. Cos they really dry. I’d never noticed it before cos I alway wear the black one. My legs was really really dry, I can see it clearly even I was wearing tight.
And now I’m regret not using a body cream. I should have used it everyday and I promise myself that I’ll never forget to use it anymore.


Today I feel so tired, I was trained about process for cashier for almost 4 hours and there’re tons of information that I have to remember. Yesterday my manager told me, please learnt it as fast as possible. Just wanna say, it’s easy to say but it’s hard to do.

Bad time….

I feel like many bad things happen to me since around the end of last year.

I had a terrible cold for a week, lost my card holder which had many important cards and took almost 2 weeks to made all new one.

I bought iPhone4 two days ago, but still can’t use it. And some more little things

All of this things make me feel very upset, fed up and don’t want to do anything.

GOD… Could you give some good news, please.