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Super delay Christmas gift.

Last boxing day I shopped a lot, I spent over £1000 in that period for myself, my family and my friends. As a gift, I bought 2 bags for my mum and my sister, and all accessaries for my friends.
I sent the bags to my mum last month, but I haven’t sent anything to my friends yet, and it’s almost 2 months now. So I promise myself that everything will have sent to Thailand by the end of next week.


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Barcelona, Spain

I’m taking 2 weeks holiday in April cos my close friend from USA visitting me.

But before she arrive I have 4 days free. so I planing to go to see one of my friend in Barcelona on 5th April and going to Spain I need to apply for a Schengen Visa.

So I have to prepare all documents for applying and book a application date. The problem is the earliest day I can book is 15 March, that means I have to wait almost 3 weeks and it’s just 20 days before I travel.

Now I feel a bit worried cos I don’t know I’ll get it or not. The best thing I can do is have a strong and perfect documents and hope that everything will be ok.

Finger Cross

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Valentine’s day

Valentine’s day already past and it’s strange that I didn’t feel anything special for that day. It may because I’m single, I’m grown up or I work so hard and too tired to think of anything.

But I’m still missing someone who stay far away and was wondering that how he is. Actually I wanted to send e-mail to him on the date but I didn’t. I don’t know why.

I’m not regret but I’m still wanna say “Happy Valentine’s Day”

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It has been a long week. I took holiday from school, so I’m absolutely free in the afternoon. I planed to do something for example print postcard and send to my friends, write e-mail to someone or go to see a dentist but I haven’t done anythings except working in the evening.
I try to think what I have done so far this week but I can remember just, I had my friend’s birthday party on Monday and have a lovely dinner with my colleague on Thursday. No memory for the rest. Am I a goldfish?

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Chinese new year.

Yesterday was Chinese new year day. When I was young I quite liked this day cos there is a traditional that parents and older relative must give money to children in their family. It’s call “lucky money”, and we also believe that the more we give, the more we get.
Another thing that I like was the food. We cook lots of food and everyone in our family come to eat together. I love my mum food. I remember the boiled chicken with jasmine rice and fish sauce. It’s very simple but it’s so delicious.
But now I’m in London. And there aren’t celebrate this day except in China town. I wouldn’t have realised if my Chinese friend hadn’t told me.
Anyway I didn’t feel anything special, it was a normal day that I didn’t work.
I just enjoyed eating and shopping with my friends.
It’s just one day in a year.

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My writing problem.

I’d promised myself that I’ll try to write diary everyday. It was very good at start but now it’s reduce to two or three times a week. And it’s not good.
I do know, I need to improve my writing if I want to study in master’s degree especially in academic essay. I know it’s hard for me who really hate writing, so I started from informal article and try to get used to it. But I still have the same problem “I don’t know what I am going to write”, even though there’re many things happen in one day.
I’m not sure what I should do ,but I’m still trying to write something cos I do need to practice it.

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